Remote view

Real Time Automated Remote View

Remote assistance by using Augmented Reality is an emerging technology that enables an on-spot technician and operator at a remote location to temporarily view the issues and solve it by providing instruction over a smart glass. This helps the operator to deal with maintenance issues or receive installation guidance by bridging the gap between the physical and virtual worlds. Remote view assistance is rapidly spreading across industries for industrial production, utilities, healthcare, construction, insurance, on-site services and many others.

Product Description

We offer this augmented reality enabled remote view solution in order to assist the technicians in real time. Our software remotely permits you to look into the issues of maintenance procedures and resolve technical failures in real time. With the wearable device, the technician can draw or point out the exact location where the remotely located operator is facing the issue. The indications and instructions provided by the technician will be displayed on the screen in real time for the operator to take instant actions. It allows you to take photos and record videos of the procedure in hand for reference on a later event. The solution offers to resolve issues accurately in a real time and most importantly, hands free.


We offer the cutting-edge technology from Epson which is silicon-based OLED digital display technology. With the lightest binocular see-through smart glasses, you get the highest degree of image quality. Its high contrast ratio (100,000: 1) enables the projected digital media to seamlessly merge with the real world so that even the minute details are visible to the remote technician. The product can easily connect (Wireless connectivity) with various devices to receive media at a high speed.


Real Time

Remote view provides a real time intervention to even draw and write on the live image leaving no scope for miscommunication


It eliminates the time and cost involved in travelling to a remote location

No training requirement

The operator at the remote location do not require any specific training to deal with maintenance and technical failures


The real time intervention will help to execute the operation as per the instruction leaving no scope for inaccuracy.


The operator can use both his hands to perform the technician directions. The process is completely hands-free.

Future Reference

The recorded videos and media can be used for future references.

Flexible Platform

Any smart device can be used by the technician to connect to the remote operator and provide instructions.




Industrial Production

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