How mobile robots are influencing the RAAS trend?

19 October, 2019

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation. This is the era of innovation. Emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality, Big Data, Cloud Computing, 3D printing etc. Read More


Industrial Applications of Mobile Robots

13 August, 2019

The onset of Industrial Revolution augmented the usage of mobile robots across different industrial functions, however the latest developments and the pace of business operations made it almost a mandate for many companies to adopt these bots into their everyday operations. Read More


Has Sorting Robot sorted the Sortation problem for businesses today?

30th May, 2019

Have you ever imagined a warehouse in the form of a video game consisting of an army of speed cars rushing their way off on the raging roads? You probably won't have, but automation has turned this imagination into reality. In recent years, Sorting Robot has emerged as one of the finest solutions so far in the automation and distribution space. Read More


Robotic Bin Picking

15th May, 2019

Order fulfilment has always been one of the core activities of the entire supply chain operations and is becoming more and more intensive thanks to the proliferation of SKUs, order volume and operational density. A typical pharma company that deals with thousands of specific, small but high volume of SKUs demands an extremely high precision order fulfilment operation. Read More


What makes up a Mobile Robot, the Critical Components

19th Apr, 2019

With the manufacturing industry taking shift from mass production to mid-volume and mid-variety, flexible manufacturing systems are increasingly in use.They require not only machine flexibility but also flexible material handling, storage & retrieval systems. Read More


Automated Guided Vehicles

10th Sep, 2018

Technology has always altered the landscape of manufacturing. The advent of steam engine marked the "First Industrial Revolution" leading to the birth of factories. Subsequently, the mutton shops of Cincinnati shaped the entire assembly line operations and paved the way for what was eventually termed as "Second Industrial Revolution" leading to bigger factories having big production capacities. Read More



15th Dec, 2017

Robotic Automation offers a very reliable and efficient production process, robots typically can be refurbished and used again after a period of 10-12 years with ease. All these factors make the ROI on Robotic Automation attractive, a good rule of thumb is to target a minimum of three years for calculating the ROI. After these three years, typically Robotic Automation results in positive cash flow for the company with minimum variability and high-efficiency. Read More

Smart Factories and future of robotics

15th Dec, 2017

Technology has always disrupted manufacturing, the first industrial revolution driven by steam engine led to the development of large factories symbolized by textile mills. In 2016 we are at the cusp of another industrial revolution which the experts are calling "Industry 4.0". It consists of cybernetic systems incorporating Internet Of Things, Augmented Reality, Big Data, 3-D Printing, Simulation and Robotics and is powered by Cloud computing. Read More


Demystifying the warehouse code

21st Nov, 2019

“Once I make up my mind, I’m full of indecision”-Oscar Levant A user of WMS/WCS in any warehouse goes through the initial phase of indecision about the implementation of the system. Every warehouse automation solution is backed by the backbone Called, the software. The invisible but the predominant part in Jigsaw. But the fact that it is masked over by the hardware, makes it even more elusive. Read More

Which factors to keep in mind before implementing a Goods to Person Automation Solution to your warehouse?

13th June, 2019

Have you ever imagined what caused the implementation of Goods to person automation solution in the warehouses? For decades, warehouses used person to goods solutions to fulfill the supply chain requirements. But with the growth in ecommerce and change in market dynamics Read More

Carton Shuttle – The Carrier of Cartons

13th June, 2019

Waiting for a cheese burger at the next-door McDonalds outlet or for online ordered next party dress; waiting is single biggest source of frustration. It only increases more when as a business you are making your customers wait.The rise of ecommerce industry not only challenged the status quo of warehouse operations but also gave the birth to many new products. Shrinking lead times, on time order fulfilments, Read More

Have you met this duo yet, to transform your storage space?

03th June, 2019

Mother-child shuttle system aka mini-load ASRS has been having a bit of a moment from the last few years due to its extensive adoption in warehouses and order fulfillment operations. This technology utilizes the capacity of the warehouses in cubic feet over the earlier means where it used to utilize its capacity in square feet. Read More

Has Pick by voice become The New Black in the space of automation?

23th May, 2019

If you are still wondering about why over half a million people are talking about Voice based picking, then keep on reading. Speech recognition has become dramatically popular in our daily lives and subsequently finds tremendous potential in the space of warehouse automation. Read More

LIFO/FIFO applications of Pallet Shuttle

06th April, 2019

Movement of stock within a warehouse is very critical as the warehouse is the backbone of logistics and supply chain management. The movement is based on how the goods inward happens, where the stock is stored and how the outbound flows. Read More

Key factors that need consideration before implementing Pallet Shuttle

13th February, 2019

Well begun is half done as the saying goes. The same is true while making a decision to implement pallet shuttle in a warehouse storage setting. The decision to implement pallet shuttle makes the job half done, but how to implement it will lead to another important part of the question, which requires careful thinking. Read More

Automated Storage and Retrieval System

05th February, 2019

Reduced lead times, soaring real-estate prices, and the aggressive bottom-line targets made it imperative to adapt dense storage that helps in the maximization of floor space. When a wide variety of SKUs to be handled at an increasing rate Automated Storage and Retrieval System comes into picture. Read More

Dense racking vis-à-vis Conventional Racking

12th January, 2019

A famous aerated beverage company got land on lease for their warehousing requirement. The projects team decided to utilize the height of the warehouse and went for great conventional racking storage for pallet racking. They were quite happy to have created additional space inside the limited land of the warehouse. They bought some good quality stackers and inaugurated the warehouse. Read More

Why your warehouse needs a Pallet Shuttle?

30th December, 2018

One of the fundamental questions that concerns a warehouse manager is efficient usage of space. Conventionally, pallets have been stored through various storage methods like floor space stacking, then over the time it graduated to selective racking, drive-in racking, drive-through racking. Read More

Pallet Shuttle - AddSat: What Lies Within

11th December, 2018

Warehouses in India have witnessed a transition from manual operations to fast and reliable automated processes. One of the key changes as highlighted in our earlier piece, "Warehouse Odyssey" has been the transition from "Traditional Racking" and forklift-based operations to "Dense Racking" and "Pallet Shuttle" based operations. Pallet Shuttle enables organizations to gain a competitive advantage and increase the storage and throughput capacity of their warehouses. Read More

Pallet Shuttle – A Warehouse "Space" Odyssey

6th November, 2018

In the next decade, as much as 85% of the businesses are projected to adopt a digital route around the globe thanks to Industry 4.0. With increased impetus on scalability across geographies, speedy deliveries and the demand for global products, continual innovation in logistics & warehousing sector has emerged as the need of the hour for all businesses. Read More

Khushi: Power your Warehouse by Voice

6th August, 2018

You are sitting in your office and discussing an important project. You suddenly get a birthday reminder for someone important in your life. Since, you didn't remember the birthday, you haven't sent any gifts. What do you do?..........You open a shopping app, pick same-day delivery, and voila! The app helps you order a gift that will delight your loves one. But, what took you a few clicks to finish is, in fact, the result of heaps of teams working in tandem around the year. Read More

Light up your Warehouse

29th Mar, 2018

Light directed picking has emerged as one of the important picking technologies for faster order fulfilment with great accuracies. Before implementing the PTL systems into your warehouse storage zones/aisles, here we take a look at the important points that need to be thoroughly worked upon to earn the best ROI from automation. Read More

Light in the wall

Light in the wall

19th May, 2018

With the rise of e-commerce, proliferation of SKUs and the expectation of quick deliveries, the intralogistics operations have become quite complex. To cater to today's customer, both the online and the brick and mortar retailers must maintain adequate supply of items both in terms of quantity and variability. These competitive pressures prompt companies to have super-fast and highly accurate deliveries, which becomes a daunting task for the warehousing team. Read More

Does Your Forklift Take The Road Less Taken? Try SmartMove

7th Feb, 2018

Today forklifts are the most common sight in a warehouse. They are heavy vehicles with a pronged device for moving goods from unloading area, to shelves and taking them for the dispatch area. They carry bulk weights and facilitate easy movement of the inventory. These are very costly equipment, so they have to be utilized to the best of their capacity in order to realize an effective ROI on them. Read More


16th Feb, 2017

Technology has fundamentally altered our lives. It has led to disruption of business models and development of innovative products to drive up efficiency. "industrial revolution" led to mass manufacturing and increase in the scale of operation, this led to creation of big factories followed by large warehouses. Warehouses have become the corner stone of supply chain management and the warehousing process elements have become the source of the proverbial "competitive advantage". Read More


Technology Trends in Industrial Automation for 2018

22nd Jan, 2018

Manufacturing typically is the most impacted field due to any technological advancement. The advance of technological achievements has triggered exciting and unexpected trends with wider impact horizons and very promising business prospects. This year we expect drastic exponential changes in every technological direction. Machine learning and artificial intelligence will transform the entire industries, making way for virtual helpers and a myriad of cases for automatization. Read More


RFID: Enabling Mass Customization

17th Jan, 2017

Paytm tied up with NHAI to make the highway tolls cashless, this news went unnoticed until November 8th, when demonetization was announced. Though people were given exemption from tolls for some time, the cashless payment at Tolls got a boost. The underlying technology which facilitates this cashless operation on tolls is Radio Frequency Identification popularly called "RFID". RFID tags have hit their tipping point and have found wide-spread applications in retail, inventory management, tracking assets and as we discussed above to facilitate cashless payments. The RFID market worldwide is estimated to be at a whopping 10 billion dollars and is expected to reach 20 Billion dollars by 2025. Read More

Daag Ache Nahee Hain!!!!

Daag Ache Nahee Hain!!!!

6th Feb, 2017

Cleanliness is key to holistic healthcare and laundry is an essential but often under-served component in healthcare, addressing this area is "Shubhram Hospital Solutions", it provides holistic, high-quality linen management and laundering services, guaranteeing infection free linen that complies with international standards. With their state of the art facility, they ensure that thousands of patients need not face any problems in hospitals. Read More

Shopping 4.0

Shopping 4.0

14th Nov, 2016

Shopping is an important aspect of all our lives, many people consider it as a stress buster and often indulge themselves in it. It would be interesting to understand how the changing nature of technology impacts the very process of shopping. Let's take a look at a typical shopping experience. Read More

Beacon : Whose Signal is it anyway?

13th Jan, 2017

In ancient times, beacons were fires lit at different locations and used for signaling purpose. They were used to signal warnings, celebrations, navigation, signify an important location etc. With time and advent of technology, beacons became more sophisticated and their application more wide spread and today we typically see a beacon as a very small electronic device typically of the size of buttons of a shirt which emits radio signals in close proximity of varying strengths. Read More