Operating captive DCs in manufacturing locations or putting up massive warehouse storage system require optimum utilization of the warehousing space. The material handling systems for these large scales DCs must offer high-density storage and maximum throughput. Addverb Technologies offers best-in-class automation storage solutions to the customer based on their requirement. We provide solutions for these large Warehouses ranging from Semi-Automated storage solutions based on Pallet Shuttle to highly automated AS/RS system.

Our team offers 50+ years of experience in integrating the automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) from across the world. Our deep expertise in the field of automated material handling and industrial automation allows us to design the best compact storage systems for the customer depending on the requirement, maximizing the utilization of the floor and enhancing the productivity of the warehouse in material handling. Our ASRS Solutions are highly reliable, minimize damage and ensure full safety of warehousing operations.


Increased Productivity

Continuous loading & unloading gives high no. of increase in cycles/hour in inventory function eliminating errors

Save Time

With no need of operator inside the storage lanes, AddSat permits rapid execution of fetching and picking operations.

Mode of Operation

Completely automated system with ease of operation.

Improved Accuracy

Increases accuracy levels to 99.99% + ensuring safety of operations & increased ergonomics.

Cost Saving

Significant optimization of floor space helps in reduction of rental cost & minimal maintenance costs

Safe Operation

ASRS systems reduce spoilage, product damage and are perfect for hazardous material storage.

Space Utilization

Narrow Aisles give More Storage Space – Vertical, horizontal and lateral movement from aisle to storage load location.






Cold Storage


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