Our Supply chain softwares run on thousands of algorithms to suit your particular business needs. We offer complete scalable warehouse software solutions that can integrate with your existing system. With our in-house built softwares you can optimise warehouse and maintenance operations with the optimal mix of labour and automation.

We offer AddLoc, a robust and secure WMS, which allows systematic storage and retrieval of material from warehouses and captive Distribution Centres. AddLoc enables customers to streamline inventory management and facilitate order fulfilment. It oversees a number of warehouse processes such as inbound, storage, outbound, picking, replenishment, cycle count etc. that can increase inventory accuracy and provide greater flexibility of warehouse operations.The system helps clients achieve quicker implementation through easy integration with existing ERPs and automation products. AddLoc adds intelligence through an IoT platform to predict the usage and failure patterns in the warehouses.

Our Warehouse Control System, AddSys enables you to control your warehouse operations by tracking the flow of inventory, utilization of material handling equipments, deployment of human resource and balancing the load dynamically. AddSys helps in making your warehouse operations reliable by providing a single interface to manage the entire end-to-end operations of the entire warehouse. AddSys adds intelligence through an IoT platform to determine the most efficient product flow and directs the equipment controllers to achieve the desired result.

AddPro is the one stop shop to measure the effective productivity of your machines on the shop floor. Addpro enables you to identify the slack in the manufacturing process by logging of downtimes, localization of causes and reasons for downtimes and helps to reduce these losses and drive productivity gains. Addpro has the capability to capture and analyze the data from all industrial equipment which gives complete transparency for all machines as a basis for optimizing the plant’s productivity. It automates the knowledge management of the entire manufacturing process including Why-Why analysis, Gemba walks, Kaizens & One Point Lessons.


Better Inventory Control

AddLight helps in achieving a picking rate of 500 Order Lines / Hour.

Efficient Utilization

Automated routines for stock rotation and picking ensures optimum utilization of facilitates

Real Time Inventory Tracking

As fresh as latest order/shipment/receipt/ movement in between.

Effective Management Control

A good WMS provides rigid backbone for any distribution or stock control operation.

Reduced Operating Costs

Reduced safety stock levels, stock out issues, reduced labour, equipment etc.








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