Automated and ergonomic shuttle systems

Addverb's range of shuttle robots include Pallet Shuttle, Carton Shuttle & Mother-Child System. These shuttle systems are ideally designed for high throughput massive DCs which handle loads on Pallet or Carton. They allow you to utilize the height of the building and also allow dense storage thereby increasing the per square foot space utilisation of the DC or the warehouse. They provide ease of storage and operations and facilitate flexible operations. They are provided with an andorid interface that allows to track their performance and other critical parameters on the go.

Addverb Warehouse racking Pallet Shuttle solutions give dense storage capacity increasing capacity usage and reduces labour cost. Cruiser is ideal for high inventory turnover operations where the palletized load is used for storage and retrieval. Cruiser offers an extremely high-density storage by utilizing the rails inside the storage location as a drive–in area of various size and dimensions. It can be controlled by a remote through Wi-Fi ( 2.4/ 5 GHz) and with the help of advanced safety features offers 100% accurate positioning and pallet to pallet distance adjustment. Cruiser can be incorporated to be a part of a semi-automatic and fully automated shuttle system. Cruiser, an automated pallet racking systems offer a quick ROI by saving both time and space and increasing throughput.

Quadron allows storing of materials in a carton, crate or tote, with a varying payload of up to 30Kg. Carton shuttle racking system offers highest storage efficiency and facilitates Goods to Person picking. The vertical high-performance lift transfers the shuttle to different levels of racking & the transferrable conveyor facilitates the inward & outward from the lift. The same lift is used for transferring the load as well. The claws of the carton shuttle adjust to the size of the cartons, hence multiple load formats can be adjusted in one aisle. In industries where high throughputs are required with highest availability of stock, carton shuttle offers best possible results. The system can be easily integrated with any WCS/SAP.

Multi-Pro shuttle system is a versatile and fully automatic system for multi deep pallet storing. Mother runs on a rail/track perpendicular to the storage lines that are powered by bus bar. Mother carries Pallet Shuttle that moves inside the storage racks to perform storage and retrieval. This multi-level system will be integrated with vertical lifts that carry the load or pallets to a designated level. Once the vertical lift reaches a particular position with pallet load, the mother shuttle along with child reaches there, takes the load into it & moves on rail/track to the designated channel. Then the child along with the load departs from mother and performs storage operation by moving within the channel. Retrieval also happens in same fashion. Multi-Pro gives high throughput & facilitates storage up to 10 pallets per square meter.


Increased Productivity

Continuous loading & unloading gives high no. of increase in cycles/hour in inventory function eliminating errors

Save Time

With no need of operator inside the storage lanes, Pallet Shuttle permits rapid execution of fetching and picking operations

Mode Of Operation

Completely automated system with ease of operation

Improved Accuracy

Increases accuracy levels to 99.99% + ensuring safety of operations & increased ergonomics

Cost Saving

Significant optimization of floor space helps in reduction of rental cost & minimal maintenance costs

Space Utilization

Narrow Aisles give More Storage Space – Vertical, horizontal and lateral movement from aisle to storage load location








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