As the complexity of warehouse operations is increasing, companies are seeking innovative ways to reduce cost, increase throughput and improve accuracy. One of the most complex and important parts of the warehousing operations is Order Picking, which accounts for more than 50% of the resources utilization in the entire warehousing operations. Addverb provides innovative technological picking solutions that automate the picking process to maximize the throughput and accuracy of the Person-To-Goods Order Picking System.
We offer two order picking technologies:
  • AddLight (Light directed picking technology)
  • Khushi (Voice based picking technology)


Pick to Light
AddLight is our light directed Pick-Put-To-Light system used for Picking and Put-Away operations. AddLight consists of an alphanumeric digital display, which shows the quantity to be picked and an LED light to guide the picker. Once the operation is complete, the picker acknowledges and updates the system by pressing the LED light. AddLight offers the highest picking rate in order picking operations and makes the entire process quite flexible. It is best suited for high speed picking, zone picking, and batch picking operations.

Robust Design

Designed to sustain rugged warehouse conditions


Seamless Integration

AddLight swiftly integrates with existing WMS/WCS

Operational Complexity

Low Operational Complexity

Simple & intuitive in nature, easy to learn & operate


High Throughput

Offers a picking rate of 500 order lines per hour
Picking Khushi
Khushi, our Pick By Voice technology is a paperless, hands-free order fulfilment solution based on an Android platform. Khushi consists of a mobile handset, headset and a ring scanner and is powered by an AI based Text-To-Speech engine, which makes the entire solution accent neutral. With Khushi, an operator can hear the instructions in the form of a voice command and give verbal confirmations after completing the picking operation. Khushi offers a highly cost effective solution as compared to an RF based picking system. As it is intuitive in operation, it reduces the training period for a new operator to less than 20 minutes.


Offers a picking rate of 240 order lines per hour


Regional Languages

Available in 22 Indian languages


Khushi offers 100% accurate picking
Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Performance reports & data analytics for deeper insights