Picking technologies to optimise your pick and put operations

As the complexity of warehouse operations is increasing, companies are seeking innovative ways to reduce cost, increase throughput and improve accuracy. One of the most complex and important parts of the warehousing operations is Order Picking, which accounts for more than 50% of the resources utilization in the entire warehousing operations. Addverb provides innovative technological picking solutions that automate the picking process to maximize the throughput and accuracy of the Person-To-Goods Order Picking System.
We offer the order picking technologies:

Rapido - Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light solution is efficient Paperless product Picking and Order fulfilment automation solution which enhances productivity and picking rate in order picking operations. It is best suited for high-speed picking, zone picking, batch picking operations. Rapido consists of a digital display, which shows the quantity to be picked and an LED light to guide the picker, once the operation is complete the picker acknowledges and updates the system by pressing the LED light. Rapido offers the highest picking rate in order picking operations and makes the entire process quite flexible.

Addverb's Voice Picking system "Khushi" (Pick by Voice) offers paperless hands-free order picking and fulfilment solutions for a smart warehouse with high accuracy and productivity. It is Voice-directed picking solution with AI for pick operations. Khushi allows the operator to hear instructions in the form of voice and give verbal confirmations. Available on Android platform, Khushi allows the operator to do hands-free eyes up picking thereby increasing the throughput of the entire warehousing operations. It eliminates the use of paper, handheld terminals or any other displays required for picking and is one of the most efficient ways to perform the picking operations.

Quimo, our pick by vision solution functions with augmented reality, offers hands-free operation with 100% error-free picking and improved quality control. It is best suited for large DCs with thousands of orders processed daily. Pick by vision smart glasses comprises an integrated navigation system that guides the operator and also provides the shortest travel path to reach the destination. Integrated camera in vision picking glasses optically displays order information providing the source and target locations. Smart glasses are connected with an existing network for real-time inventory management and updation with the stocks accordingly. Quimo fits the requirement for every warehouse enabling workflow improvement and process optimization.


High Throughput

Rapido helps in achieving a picking rate of 500 Order Lines / Hour

High Accuracy

With little human intervention, Rapido offers an accuracy of 100% in product picking operations

Robust Design

Rugged design with an extra tolerance against DC Power Supply Fluctuations

Seamless Connectivity

Rapido's simple yet highly efficient software module anchors swift integration with any WMS or WCS

Advance Analytics

Analyzes order picking workload, picker productivity, zone productivity and recommends setting up of picking zones, picker assignment etc

Low Operational Complexity

Simple & Intuitive in nature, reduces training time for new operators








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