Conveyor Automation for Material Handling

Addverb fully automated heavy-duty conveyor system for Intralogistics material handling with various load weights have high throughput rates. We integrate first-class technology that fits the unique requirements of your project to get operations running smoothly and efficiently. Addverb range of Industrial pallet conveyors includes roller conveyors, chain conveyors, spiral conveyor, curved conveyors, vertical, tabletop and overhead conveyor system. Whether you need to transport, stop and accumulate, reorient, or stage loads, Addverb has the expertise to develop pallet conveyor system for you.

Pallet conveyors are also referred to as 'Unit-load carriers'.Our pallet conveyors handle pallet loads up to 1500Kg and of varied dimensions. They can be used for various applications like receiving, transportation, accumulation, and sorting of heavy loads. Our pallet conveyors are engineered to sustain the friction due to continuous movement of loads, interaction with peripheral systems like forklifts, mobile robots and hence are built to be tough. Popularly, there are two types of pallet conveyors like chain pallet conveyor,where the load is directly conveyed with the aid of chain; other type is roller conveyors, where the pallets are mounted directly onto the rollers, which is driven by a single motor and the power transmission is done through chains. We customize the conveyors as per the unique needs of the customers.

Belt conveyors are used for transporting materials of different sizes both light and heavy. Material movement happens on an endless loop belt that is being pulled between two or more pulleys. Most common example of belt conveyor is in airports for conveying passengers' luggage. In industrial applications it is used for conveying containers, totes, bundled items, and bulk boxes etc. Belt conveyors are one of the simplest material handling structures and their simple design makes them extremely flexible and easy to install and operate. The material of the belt can be fabric or rubber and depending on the weight and product being conveyed, we have many different types of belt conveyors like belt conveyors of heavy-duty models with channel frames, belt curves, inclined style belt conveyor, slack conveyors, fabric belt conveyors, modular belt conveyors etc. They are also applicable for inclined material transfer. We provided many types of belt conveyors across different industries.

Case conveyors are the most common applications of material movement and they can be used to transfer variety of materials like totes, cartons, polybags, and container boxes. Case conveyors are simple structures and can be used for a variety of functions like material inwarding, order picking, packing, transport etc. The rollers can be made of Stainless Steel and mild Steel. Multiple types of roller conveyors are available depending upon the surface finish of the product being conveyed. The popular types of case conveyors are roller conveyors, belt conveyors, and gravity roller conveyors. We have an extensive experience in working with various case conveyors across different industries.


High Productivity

Increased throughput with zero downtime and without any manual intervention

Efficient Material Handeling

Quick & fast heavy-duty material handling. The quick & fast handling of materials also keep up with seasonal peaks

Improved Accuracy

Directed by advanced software, including a facility's warehouse control system, pallet placement on the conveyor belt is tracked and monitored continuously

Saves Time

With no need of operator inside the storage lanes

Cost Savings

Eliminating manual pallet load handling can reduce labor costs by 50% or more


Our Smart Conveyor systems ensure 100% personnel and material safety







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