We build smart conveyors that help in transferring material in a warehouse or a factory from one location to another. Our conveyors are suited to handle bulk load and can also carry the material at high velocities over a fixed path. Our Range of smart conveyors include Pallet Conveyors, Case Conveyors, Pop-Ups, Turn-Tables, Roller Conveyors, Accumulation Conveyors & Non-Accumulation Conveyors


Our fully automated material movement solutions are powered by our smart conveyors. These conveyors have been designed to be robust and are industry 4.0 ready. They are enabled with a troubleshooting and visualization module which allows for mobile access from remote location to monitor the HMI and the conveying system . They are equipped with automated predictive maintenance module and OEE module to track their effective utilization.

Cost Savings

Minimization of damages & improved ergonomics


Our Conveyor systems are 100% safe for operation


Modular structure allows easy expansion


Suitable for all industry conditions