6th Feb, 2017

Daag Ache Nahee Hain!!!!

Cleanliness is key to holistic healthcare and laundry is an essential but often under-served component in healthcare, addressing this area is "Shubhram Hospital Solutions", it provides holistic, high-quality linen management and laundering services, guaranteeing infection free linen that complies with international standards. With their state of the art facility, they ensure that thousands of patients need not face any problems in hospitals.
In order to add more reliability to its process, Shubhram used to manually check the cloth after it was cleaned, this was done to ensure that no stain remained on the cloth and also to add more reliability to the process. In order to make this process more efficient and agile, Addverb provided Shubhram with a "Vision Management System". VMS captured any stain, wrinkle and identified the torned bedsheets as well. VMS consisted of cameras which were installed at a location which could capture and identify stains. With the help of a sensor and a PLC, VMS could detect any abnormality in bed sheets resulting in rejections and the rejected bed sheets could be further rewashed or discarded.
Quality is a prime business principle and becomes extremely critical in healthcare sector. Addverb's VMS added more reliability to the process and enabled Shubhram to operate at 98% accuracy in its daily operations and delighting the customers.


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