Today retail is one of the most dynamic & rapidly growing industries. The velocity and the volume of goods handled in a retail distribution center has increased multi-fold with thousands and thousands of orders processed every day. With the emergence of the e-tail industry, omni-channel strategy for the retail companies is the very essence of survival. Multiple orders coming from various channels need to be processed efficiently and the warehouse systems should be accommodative to these different distribution strategies. In a single facility, multiple methods like cross-docking, consolidation, segregation, small & bulk packing, priority orders processing..etc are common. With the ever present demand fluctuations, maintaining optimum levels of inventory is another challenge.

Top concerns of Retail Supply Chain
  • Reducing logistics costs
  • Improving shipment density /load utilization
  • Growing omni-channel presence
  • Multi-distribution strategies in a single warehouse
  • Use of extensive analytics
  • Demand forecasting, estimation, and promotions management
  • Door-step delivery | Last mile delivery
  • Organization of the largely unorganized industry
  • Building sustainability into the supply chain
  • Gathering & utilizing in-store data on products

Addverb Solutions

Addverb Technologies has extensive experience in setting up some of the largest and automated warehouses across India for retail industry. We have various solutions at different stages of retail supply chain to help the firms meet their organizational strategy and requirements. Today every step of the retail supply chain needs to be intertwined with features supporting Just-in-time ordering. At Addverb we provide Goods to Person solutions like mini-load ASRS,AGV, robotic bin picking to ensure consistency of operation, speed and efficiency.



As there are lot variety of products in retail, understanding which sort of conveyor to be used where is utmost importance. We provide conveyor solutions to facilitate faster & safer movement of products from one location to another in a warehouse. We work with all kinds of conveyors belt, chain, roller, pallet & spiral conveyors . Our team of experts provide consultation on the best possible solution in a given scenario.
Retail distribution centers are handling large numbers of individual items these days. In place of large pallets, nowadays, most retail outlets receive cartons every day. Multiple SKUs going into a single carton need to be carefully sorted, packed & parceled to the outlets.


Robotic Pick & Place

Addverb offers robotic palletization solution for handling various loads for the retail industry. In Robotic Palletization, we equip robotic arms with gripper, computer vision and conveyor belt to be suitable for picking the packed boxes. With a bulky load of orders to be processed everyday, it’s important for the robot to accurately and speedily picks the items to be packed & do palletizing. Our robotic palletization systems are extremely reliable with a high picking rate for a range of items .


Good to person

The Mini-load ASRS System we have developed is capable of efficiently and effectively handling small loads, like totes, cartons, and trays . Capable of rapid acceleration and high-speed movement on a three dimensional axis, the Mini-Load Crane is ideally suited for automatic inventory storage and retrieval in high density warehouse operations and for dynamic picking / automated replenishment in order fulfillment systems.
AGVs are the vehicles of automation with universal applications across the industries.In dedicated warehouses, most of the time AGVs have to travel to multiple locations in a short time period and must be able to adapt on short notice. Our AGVs with LIDAR navigation system are equipped with quick reflexes to facilitate the requirement.


Picking Technologies

Order Picking is the most labor-intensive activity with heavy costs involved. With today’s small orders & high volume of order picking operations, efficient and accurate order picking is essential for maintaining optimum warehouse costs. Addverb has designed solutions around latest order picking technologies, Khushi, a voice based order picking technology & AddLight, light directed picking technology. Both Khushi & AddLight help in handling order picking activities with accuracy & high speeds . They are more efficient & economical compared to the RFID technology & very accurate than the traditional paper-picklist method. With elimination of paper, both these technologies are environmental friendly .



In retail industry most of the players have dedicated distribution warehouses where the material handling operations are more complex than in manufacturing warehouses. Given the complex nature of today’s warehouse operations & the need for cost optimization across the supply chain , Addverb has designed and developed its own warehouse management software solution, AddLoc . AddLoc of Addverb is capable to handle today’s complex functionalities of retail warehouses and support omni-channel distribution strategies . These softwares integrate seamlessly with any ERP systems and offer multiple advantages.