Medicine is an essential commodity, which is directly related to human life. The pace at which the pharmaceutical industry has been evolving is tremendous. On one hand, patients are demanding more personalized care & service and on other hand, companies are reducing R&D cost to meet operational profits. Pharmaceutical warehouse staff need to be trained in material handling and tracking practices as even a minute mistake can’t be ignored due to the gravity of its importance. Strict laws and regulations are imposed on production and warehouse management due to the nature of the industry. Information sharing is the first prerequisite to comply with these legal restrictions which comes with a cost. Warehouse management system requires multiple security protocols to mitigate safety risks in production, storage and shipping. Creating a fully integrated production and storage system is not an easy task.

Top concerns of Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
  • Reducing logistics costs
  • Integration between different components
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Shortage and expiration avoidance
  • Environmental controls
  • Warehouse management standards
  • Gathering & utilizing in-store data for proper scheduling

Addverb Solutions

Pharmaceutical firms must ensure to optimize inventory for the consistent availability of stock. Our solutions reduce the dependencies on human and the risk of error, by real-time monitoring and tracking through intelligent systems. Contamination to the medicine due to human intervention can be eliminated with our robotic solutions, which are 100% safe. With an increase in market size and penetration into the developing market, companies need to rely heavily on logistics by changing warehouse structure and storage processes to cut the cost with constant improvement and service reliability. Distribution center material handling and shipping processes need to be streamlined to fulfill growing demand with existing floor capacity.
Addverb has solutions at various stages of the Pharmaceutical industry supply chain to help your firm achieve operational efficiencies and order fulfillment.


Robotics Palletization

Our robotic solutions provide multiple benefits including efficiency, ergonomics, consistency & reliability . With expertise in robot selection, we provide the best suitable robot depending upon usage and capacity.
Robotic Pick & Place: Our pick & place solutions through parallel robots can be used to handle & pack bags, syringes or medicines. Our gripping solution is best to handle these products with ultra-short cycle time & high precision . It can be used for mixing, counting, dispensing and inspection to deliver error-free results for the business.
Robotic Palletization: Our palletization solutions through articulated robots can handle fragile and sophisticated payload. Movement and packaging of items in this industry have to be very fast with zero errors. Equipped with sensors and smart conveyors it provides accurate positioning for precise lifting .



Pharmaceutical industry requires fast movement of small items and cartons at various speeds with efficiency across production line, warehouse and dispatch centers. Conveyors are also used for sortation of products and cartons. We build conveyor solutions to balance the throughput for robotics and machines with best speeds.
It provides the following benefits:
• Increased carton and cases handling rate
• Reduced operational cost
• Non-contamination of clean-room



With prices of floor space soaring high, companies need to change warehouse storage patterns to optimize space utilization. Especially in pharmaceutical industry, products need to be stored in a controlled environment so that they don’t lose their potency.
AddSat, our pallet shuttle solution gives the capability to increase storage efficiency with dynamic changes in the products type . It is capable of high-speed loading and unloading of various products, can work in temperatures in the range of -30 to 55 degree celsius, and keeps track of the material movement in real-time . We build storage setup on both FIFO and LIFO system based on the requirement of customer and products. Our AddSat solution also reduces the movement of forklift by optimizing its track to achieve operational efficiency.



100% accuracy in order fulfillment at the distribution center is of utmost necessity. Our picking solutions help the firms to achieve that. Our solutions enable the company to meet high and low volume requirements with reduced order fulfillment time and labour.
AddLight: Our Pick-to-Light solution is efficient paperless product picking and order fulfilment automation solution which enhances productivity and picking rate in order picking operations. AddLight gives pharmaceutical companies capacity to meet demand in the least time with the highest accuracy .
Khushi: Our pick by voice solution is hands-free, eyes-up picking solution. Pharmaceutical companies require materials to be handled very gently, but with conventional solutions like RFID, it’s not possible. Khushi helps pickers to handle the product firmly enabling order fulfilment with best speeds and accuracies .