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Customized Food & Beverage Solution

We are witnessing a tremendous shift in the food industry in terms of food choices, manufacturing process, legal restrictions and balance of power. People are now making informed choices and demand for packaged food has grown multi-fold in recent times. The balance of power has shifted from manufacturers to retailers in the supply chain system which has pressurized the manufacturers to operate on less margin.With fierce competition in the industry, companies are looking forward to optimize their warehouse management to achieve operational efficiencies.

Manufacturers and distribution centers need to be prompt and quick in order fulfilment and replenishment. Apart from these, the food production is very much sensitive to hygiene and contamination.

Industry Insights

  • Market size - $375 Bn for 2018 | CAGR – 13.3%
  • 70% of the sales happen through retail format
  • Major categories are: Meat, fish & Seafood ; Dairy & frozen desserts; Fruits & vegetables
  • India transports 105 million tonnes of perishable goods annually
  • Current cold storage capacity meets less than 50% of the existing demand
  • Currently more than 3500 companies are engaged in cold chain operations in India
  • About 35% of India’s cold storage facilities have capacities less than 1000 MT
  • More than 75% of cold chain warehousing capacity is dedicated to potatoes, the rest leaving for fruits, vegetables, processed food, pharma…etc

Demand Drivers

  • Changing lifestyles, and food habits, Millennials driving the trends
  • Experiential food outlets along with casual dining
  • Increased urbanization & disposable incomes

Major Challenges

  • Fragmented & Unorganized cold chain network – the existing supply is half of the demand
  • Substantial lack of reefer transport for perishable & non-perishable products
  • About 80% cold stores in India don’t have any transportation facilities
  • Lack of well-defined standards for construction, storage and transportation of F&B products


Addverb Solutions

Many Food & Beverage companies have benefited by Addverb's expertise to meet the challenges the industry faces. Capacity expansion with the existing floor area has helped many companies meet the growing demand without warehouse expansion. Our solutions helped companies to meet the growing demand and, the sudden demand surges that are typical for the Food and Beverage industry players due to seasonal and regional variations and preferences.

Packaging pattern of the industry has seen multiple changes and our solutions are well equipped with new trends and patterns. Our solutions are not only of top quality but also optimize the complete supply chain ensuring freshness, controlled temperatures & consistency. Our solutions for Food & Beverages are designed for use in sensitive conditions which require daily cleaning guaranteeing total hygiene.


Addverb's portfolio of picking solutions – AddLight and Khushi offer our customers a high degree of flexibility and performance choices.

AddLight: AddLight, our Pick-to-light technology is helpful for Food & Beverages warehouse to meet demand with least time for high volume products. It is the best in class solution for zone picking with high speed and throughput with minimal error rate.

Khushi: Our Pick by voice technology is hands-free, eyes-up picking solution which enables operators to handle the product with utmost care at greater speed and accuracy.It is very user-friendly technology and is very efficient in relation to the traditional order picking methods.

These picking solutions, both AddLight & Khushi are equipped with a highly efficient software module that enables you to manage your end-to-end order fulfilment system needs.

Pallet Shuttle

Food and beverage manufacturers are mostly located nearby raw material producers to ensure consistent supply of raw materials. Manufacturers face the challenge to not just maintain the capacity but also to allow scope for expansion in the available area that comes at a high land and infrastructure costs.

Especially in food industry dense and vertical storage plays a greater role as it needs to be stored in a controlled environment to maintain its freshness. The solution to this problem is pallet shuttle dense storage system.

Our pallet shuttle solution increases warehouse storage capacity enabling companies to reduce the cost of capacity expansion with growing demand and production.


Our robotic solutions are highly sensitive & sharp to hold delicate items like cakes and raw eggs. Our expertise in robotic selection for specific task gives us an edge in selecting the robots for fruits and vegetables pick and place, cutting and slicing.

These robots require minimal human intervention and run 24*7 consistently performing each task with the same efficiency. The design is engineered to accommodate changes in product shapes and payloads.

Pick and Place: We maintain freshness and hygiene along with the structure of the product during production or packing of meat, fish, dairy, bakery, confectionery, juices, wine, coffee, tea and fruits & vegetables.

Palletization: Our solution for palletization provides you with the capability to design your load pattern for shipment considering all ergonomic factors, economies of scale, load utilization etc. It accommodates any payload between 6kg to 1200 Kg.

Ensure the freshness of your supply chain with our automation solutions