FMCG is one of the most complicated industries, with a wide variety of goods, different storage formats and fast pace of operations. With the availability of umpteen alternatives, customers are becoming more and more brand-neutral everyday. So, the only way to be chosen by them is through prompt availability of your product on the shelves & by appealing to the price-sensitiveness of the customer. With high volumes, low margins, and constantly fluctuating demand requirements, the job of efficient & effective supply chain management is very challenging. To accommodate all these features, the supply chain needs to be responsive and demand driven.

Industry Insights

  • Market Size - $52.75 billion | CAGR – modern trade 20-25%
  • Warehouse typically of 50,000-150000 SqFt, mostly case picking, but break case picking is gaining popularity
  • 400 – 2000 SKUs typically
  • India has approximately 1.2 crore retailers, some of the largest retailers could reach maximum of 15Lakh + stores
  • Emergence of new value chains in place of traditional value chain of manufacturers to distributors to wholesalers and to the retailers
  • Fierce competition from organized retailers to have the bottom level access
  • SKUs proliferation due to competition, big box (private labels of big retail brands)

Demand Drivers

  • Increase in disposable incomes of rural India
  • Increased working women population

Major Challenges

  • Shortening lead times
  • Proliferation of multiple brands by small & big players of the industry
  • Managing demand surges - Many big brands assort to steep discounts & loyalty schemes which lead to demand hikes


Addverb Solutions

The efficient & effective supply chain management demands highest operational efficiencies in order to trickle this down to the customers at effective prices and at the right time in right quantities. One of the most crucial areas of efficient distribution is within the warehouse, where levels of accuracy and productivity have a direct impact on the organizations' profit margins.

In addition, modern warehouses are now more than places to accumulate and store inventory. They have become multi-faceted distribution and fulfilment centers, undoubtedly benefiting operations, but ultimately increasing in their complexity. Addverb provides solutions at various stages of the FMCG supply chain to equip your organization achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction & operational efficiencies.


FMCG is all about speed, throughput and efficiency. Order picking is the most labor-intensive activity with heavy costs involved. With today's small orders & high volume of order picking operations, efficient and accurate order picking is essential for maintaining optimum warehouse costs.

Addverb has designed solutions around latest order picking technologies, Khushi, a voice based order picking system & AddLight, light directed picking technology. Both Khushi & AddLight helps in handling order picking activities with accuracy & high speeds.

Overall our Picking solutions are:

  • Highly efficient and effective
  • Highly accurate solutions
  • Environment-friendly through elimination of paper
Pallet Shuttle

With high volumes and more number of SKUs the storage space of FMCG warehouse should be more dynamic to accommodate demand fluctuations. With intense loading and unloading frequency, it's an ideal solution to make the warehouse operations efficient by reducing the forklift movement between racks, reduction of stock/racks damage, optimal human movement, safety..etc.

Our shuttle allows:

  • Diverse SKU Profile: One channel can be used to store different items
  • High productivity: increased flow of incoming and outgoing goods
  • Highly cost-effective: Due to the reduction in operating costs
  • Increased ergonomics: Due to decreased incidents & maintenance

Optimizing storage and transport through narrow aisles, high racks and compact layouts is a necessity to remain competitive. With short go to market lead times, the FMCG warehouse usually will be the buzziest place with forklifts, drivers and lots of things to collect.

The SmartMove solution form Addverb provides the following benefits, which applied in FMCG industry can give us the best results:

  • Warehouse Analytics
  • Improved safety for the workers, items and the forklifts
  • Improved overall efficiency

We provide conveyor belts to facilitate fast moving of the goods across the warehouse from goods receiving to storage to staging area for dispatch to the customers. With our conveyor belts the goods movement is faster, in large quantities & more safely.

Our solutions include Pallet Conveyors, Carton Conveyors & Sorters. We design and develop our own conveyors to fit customers' requirements.

Our conveyor solutions provide:

  • Easy and safe movement of materials
  • Improve the speed of the whole processes
  • Improve ergonomics through reduction of accidents

We provide best solutions through robots for case packing & palletization. We select the best Robot for the customer's requirement based on reach, payload and degree of freedom required for the application.

The SCARA & Parallel robots with payloads of 5-15 kg & a cycle count of 50-180 picks/minute can be used for pick & place and case packing solutions. We do handle various container types like cartons, trays, crates in FMCG industry. We provide best solution for palletization through articulated robots with a load of 500kg/pick & 10 picks/minute. Equipped with precise vision system & smart conveyor, the robot tracks the products continuously, so that they can be lifted with precision.

Greater precision & speed; more number of pallets/cases to be packed & improved ergonomics are key benefits

Increase your supply chain throughput with our automation solutions