e-COMMERCE platforms offer highly convenient and ease of use solutions for present day B2C business transactions. This has resulted in a paradigm shift in the way businesses are transacted from the earlier times. Both broad based and deep penetration of internet and smartphones gives businesses the leverage to adopt this platform to deliver good and services to their customers. Businesses are therefore challenged to adapt to the changing ways of transacting business and, provide high convenience to their customers. Third Party Logistics (3PL) players are also gaining importance as companies can outsource the entire supply chain and logistics functions to take advantage of fully automated and digitized supply chain delivery solutions.

The need for large number of SKUs, varied order profile, seasonal demand surges, and shorter order fulfillment cycles can be met only by adopting robust, digitized and responsive supply chain solutions.

Top concerns of Ecommerce and 3PL’s Supply Chain
  • Reducing logistics costs
  • Gathering & utilizing in-house data on products
  • Storage space utilization
  • Improving shipment density /load utilization
  • Maintaining inventory for variety of SKU’s
  • Shortening order processing timelines
  • Accommodating seasonal surges
  • Order & delivery consolidation

Addverb Solutions

Ecommerce or a 3PL Company must have the ability to satisfy the customer requirement in a timely manner. To build a responsive supply chain, these companies have to bring concepts like just in time, cross docking, multi-distribution channels, all of which require greater visibility, flexibility and a holistic approach.
Addverb provides solutions for Ecommerce & 3PL companies, not only to mitigate the problems but also to open up new avenues of serving the final customer better. These solutions cater to the specific needs of the industry such as variable stock keeping to accommodate seasonal surges, extensive storage space utilization, drop shipping, same day/ next day delivery and returns processing.



When your competition is just a click away you must be quick to satisfy customers demands to retain them. Quick order fulfillment requires you to be efficient and fast at each stage of the order processing.
AddLight: Our light directed picking solution is an efficient paperless product picking technology that enhances productivity and picking rate in order picking operations . It is used for both Person-to-Goods (Pick-To-Light) & Goods-to-Person (Put-To-Wall) and is ideal for applications like zone picking, break pack picking, full case dispatch, and high speed piece picking which make this solution suitable for fast moving SKUs.
Khushi: Our voice based picking technology that enables employees to execute the picking process using audible commands. Khushi is fast, accurate and easy to use picking solution and it is suitable for complex and high intensity warehouses.



High volumes and more number of SKUs accompanied by seasonal surges require efficient utilization of warehouse storage space with smooth order fulfilment process. AddLoc, our own WMS software provides complete visibility of the inventory from the time it enters into the warehouse till the dispatch, including the in-transit phase. It helps in having better control over warehousing activities . AddLoc can be independent or integrated to your ERP.
Key benefits of AddLoc:
• Increases the overall responsiveness of the process
• Reduces excess inventory & out of stock issues
• Eliminates manual stock takes and hence improved inventory
• Supports single & multiple order shipments along with drop shipping



Ecommerce and 3PL companies in present world require warehouses with increased productivity, high throughput and accurate inventory . Customers are demanding compliance and shorter delivery lead times. As part of solution companies are using combination of material handling equipment and software. AddSys, our WCS software enables your MHEs and software to align with each other to reduce inefficiencies due to miscommunication. It can swiftly integrate with any WMS, SAP, ERP and material handling equipment. The modular design of AddSys allows addition of new functionalities as your needs grow or new innovations hit the market.
Key benefits of AddSys:
• Fine tunes different warehouse operations
• Increases the overall efficiency of the process
• Enhances your warehouse operations without adding new equipment
• Gives you complete flexibility of choosing your hardware, order
  fulfilment process & MHE.



Our conveyors & sorters help in moving items, cases, totes, envelopes, bulk materials from source to terminal . Our customized solutions meet the exacting demands of your warehousing and distribution center requirements. We design, engineer and build the conveyors to achieve safe, faster and accurate movement of large quantities in and across warehouses. . We provide complete visibility of pallet placements over conveyor to track and have a smooth and continuous flow.
Our solutions include Pallet Conveyors, Carton Conveyors, Roller Conveyors & Accumulation Conveyors..etc. We design and develop conveyor systems by matching different conveying and sortation technologies to meet customers’ order fulfilment requirements.


Robotic Pick Place

We provide best in class Robotic solutions for case packing & palletization. We Our customers will have the benefit of our expertise in selecting the appropriate robotic solution based on task, reach, and payload to be handled and degree of freedom.
SCARA & Parallel robots with payloads of 5-15 kg & a cycle count of up to 50-180 picks/minute can be used for pick & place and case packing solutions. We have delivered full complement of solutions to handle various container types like cartons, trays, crates in 3PL services industry.
The range of robotic solutions for palletization that we have delivered include loads up to 500Kg per pick and 10 picks per minute. We have achieved high performance throughput and accuracy by a combination of vision system and deploying encoders on conveyors.