Specialty Chemical firms are process manufacturers, they use formulas and manufacturing recipes for producing goods in batches or in a continuous stream. Typically, any chemical factory (Paints, Lubricants, Dyes, Agricultural Chemicals) include interconnected units for blending, separation, reaction and packaging of final products. Complex manufacturing has been its hallmark. Chemical factories use tanks in its every process let it be production, transportation or storage of work in progress and finished goods inventory. Planning requires a deep understanding of processes to ensure stable product transportation.

Industry consolidation and increased customer expectation have put pressure on chemical manufacturers to improve operational effectiveness and efficiency. The industry itself is highly regulated, standardized, and looked upon by various regulatory bodies, to ensure protection, safety of the environment and human health during the process of manufacturing.

Industry Insights

  • Market size – $ 160 Bn | CAGR -10%
  • Specialty chemicals constitute for 20% of the market size
  • Chemicals industry consists of Basic organic chemicals, basic inorganic chemicals, petrochemicals, fertilizers, Agrochemicals, specialty chemicals, and construction chemicals
  • Basic chemicals are high volume – low value chemicals; specialty chemicals are low volume & high value chemicals

Demand Drivers

  • Increase in domestic consumption has fuelled the growth
  • Availability of raw materials at competitive prices
  • Investment in R&D

Major Challenges

  • Poor Logistics Infrastructure
  • Lack of regulations for standardised processes
  • Increased competition necessitates agility processes


Addverb Solutions

Addverb has vast experience in chemicals industry and has automated some of the largest factories of the industry leaders across India. Addverb's solutions for chemical industry keep you a step ahead of your competitors by providing best-in-class solutions, especially customized to meet your requirement. We help companies achieve capacity expansion with existing floor space to store more inventory.

Our solutions are error-free and capable of working in wide range of temperature set up, making it suitable for chemical industry. These solutions are scalable and flexible to adapt to latest trends in the industry, thereby enabling to quickly respond to the changing market dynamics.


AS/RS solutions are designed to handle a wide range of load types densely stacked. The most common configuration is fixed aisle storage and retrieval machine. The biggest benefits it offers is in terms of space and labour utilization . It requires fixed rack and crane structure. Centrally controlled storage system ensures high consistent handling of the product within safe and secure manner .

With our expertise in developing AS/RS system, we work with you to explore the best possible AS/RS solution your business as per number of SKUs, variety, throughout..etc. Our central control system optimizes the movements of the crane and provides fastest serving option using data analytics. We offer single, double or triple deep configuration with autonomous shuttle and crane working in synchronous to provide fast and best service.


AddMove, our driverless forklift solution is penetrating manufacturing plants very aggressively with growing use of driverless technology. We add our own developed software to your existing forklift and turn them to AGV. It uses different vision technology to navigate from one place to other. It also allows real-time live tracking of the forklift for better analysis and safety reasons.Analytics help you make the best use of the forklifts by optimizing track route and movements .

AddMove is capable of running in any environment without providing damaging to products and warehouse, are 100% safe. It moves in the predictable and controlled track using various sensors and vision. It also allows material accountability in the supply chain by integrated software. The Autopilot system can function independently and alongside manually operated equipment.

Pallet Shuttle

Storage required in this industry is highest and with price surge in real estate, it's becoming tough for companies to expand their floor capacity to meet growing demand. To compensate for the volatility of the prices of raw material, companies need to have high storage capacity. Our solution for capacity expansion enables companies to meet growing demand by storing inventory vertically .

Pallet Shuttle, our indigenously built pallet shuttle has very high working capacity with one charge, allowing minimal downtime . It is attached with multiple sensors and vision technologies to be 100% accurate and fast enough for smooth and safe transportation of products. Our central control system tracks inventory for proper scheduling and reduced movements of forklifts. It is capable of high-speed loading and unloading frequency with various products, real-time monitoring system keeps track of movement of the material . It operates with both FIFO & LIFO methods .


Movement of chemicals and other raw materials have the potential of multiple hazardous and safety issues. We specialize in designing and manufacturing equipment for harsh and dangerous chemical industry. Our solutions are highly engineered and very special to meet requirements of the chemical industry.

We have built thousands of conveyors for internal movement of products in the warehouse integrating them with other automation solutions to achieve full integrated automation of operations. It can be used to transport small loads for filling, packaging or palletizing. The speed and load capability can be based on application requirements.

Our Conveyor solutions provide:

  • Easy and safe movement of materials
  • Improve the speed of the whole processes
  • Improve ergonomics through reduction of accidents

The chemical industry generally has high payloads to be handled,making the human operations risky. Considering the importance of ergonomic factors, our high payload robotic solutions provide multiple benefits including efficiency, safe environment, and accurate results .

Pick and Place: Our pick & place solutions can be used to automate the production unit for filling, segmenting and packaging . It can handle varied payload with high speeds and accuracies.

Palletizing: Our palletization solutions are used for smooth movement of the products with zero error . Equipped with sensors and smart conveyors, these robots can track incoming bags and cartons precisely for smooth transitions.

Raise the load handling capacities of supply chain with our automation