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The automotives supply chain is complex in moving inventory from manufacturing till maintenance service, as there are large numbers of SKUs of irregular shapes and sizes for different models and the need to deal with recalls. Unlike other industries, auto industry is highly asset intensive and the Automotive companies have to maintain a comprehensive spare part inventory at their distribution centers to provide superior after sales customer service. In an era of exploding choices and diminishing brand loyalties companies can't afford to lose a customer because of unavailability of the product. To be competitive, companies want to provide excellent service and parts availability in a cost-effective manner.

Top concerns of Auto Components Supply Chain
  • Reducing logistics costs
  • Misplacement of items
  • Shorter lead times
  • Accurate order fulfilment process
  • Improving shipment density /load utilization
  • Accommodating demand fluctuations
  • Maintaining inventory for variety of SKU’s
  • Storage space utilization
  • Gathering & utilizing in-house data on products
  • Rapidly changing technology & new products

Addverb Solutions

Companies can optimize costs and improve their service levels by ensuring efficient handling of automotive parts inside their factory, distribution center or warehouse which gives them competitive edge over others. Addverb provides excellent solutions for material handling of different shapes and sizes, picking, storage and movement. The solutions are comprehensive & flexible, which makes them possible to reconfigure to new application quickly & efficiently.



AddLight, our pick to light solution, is an efficient paperless picking solution that enables enhanced productivity and order picking rate. Light will direct the operator to the appropriate bin and the alphanumeric display over there will show the number of items to be picked. The procedure stops when no further light is illuminated. By providing high accuracy, it eliminates almost all picking errors. AddLight supports applications like Kitting, Put-to-wall & Zone picking which make order fulfilment process more fast and accurate. The Kitting application supported by AddLight is highly useful for the auto components industry.

Robotic Bin Picking

Robotic Bin Picking

Our bin picking solution is a robotic solution which can pick and place items of different profiles. The parts to be picked are identified using sensors and vision modules. Whether the item to be picked is a plastic or metal, bin picking robots can pick random items kept in a tray using computer vision technology. This solution completely eliminates the human requirement for monotonous and strenuous task of unloading a bin, especially when parts are fragile, sharp and hazardous. We make our robots, sensors, components and control systems to work seamlessly to ensure high pick and place accuracy of the components.

Mini-load AS/RS


We design Mini-load ASRS systems that can efficiently and rapidly store small parts, containers, cartons and bins with high storage utilization. It is light weight, which allows it to move at high speeds in a three-dimensional axis. The solution ensures timely storage and retrieval of parts in a high-density storage pattern. Mini load ASRS is best suited for dense and double deep racking pattern in a warehouse. It can handle various load sizes and shapes efficiently.



High volume and items of varying shapes and sizes demand high utilization of storage space and quick loading and unloading capacity. AddSat, our pallet shuttle solution is compact and can easily get into your narrow aisles to facilitate smooth storage and retrieval of items. AddSat moves on rails provided on storage channels and can be controlled by a tablet. It is an ideal solution for warehouse or distribution center storing large quantities of inventory. AddSat is lightweight, compact and can be used in small facilities as well. It enhances your operational efficiency, reduces operating cost, facilitates optimal forklift movement, and improved ergonomics.



We provide conveyor belts to facilitate movement of inventory in your warehousing or distribution facility. Our conveyor systems have the capability to move wide variety of loads ranging from small lightweight to heavy bulky loads in different shapes and sizes. We have extensive experience on Cognex, Omron and other vision system that we integrate with conveyor system to track your items on conveyor and provide effective pick and place operation.
Our solutions include Tray Conveying System, Pallet Conveyors, & Carton Conveyors. We design and develop our own conveyors to fit customer's requirements in terms of speed and material handling procedures.