Natural Navigation driven Mobile Robots

Our mobile robots are versatile material handling solutions that consistently transport products, pallets and cartons throughout the warehouse by use of computer vision with the ability to be installed into an existing facility. Mobile robots have become an integral part of the solution portfolio for fully-automated intralogistics systems. Addverb's mobile robots can be configured and integrated according to the warehouse requirement, handling tasks from simple goods-to-person transport to a fully automated solution as part of a complete system. Mobile robots are efficient where repetitive movements of materials are required. Addverb always has the optimum intralogistics solution for you. Our mobile robots works on advanced navigation technologies like optical laser or sensor-based navigation vision technology guaranteeing you 100% reliability combined with state-of-the-art technologies.

Addverb provides auto-guided transport vehicles for fully automated transport of diverse load carriers in the warehouse. This self-driving ground-breaking technology achieves the greatest efficiency with fully automated processes for incoming goods, shipping, consolidation, and cross-docking. As a pioneer in the development of automated guided vehicle (AGV) and automated guided cart (AGC) technology, Addverb offers one of the most advanced selections of standard and customized vehicles, as well as every type of guidance including laser, inertial, wire and magnetic tape. Natural navigation makes it possible to navigate AGCs in the existing environment. Smarter movements and shorter installation time are some of the benefits. For warehouses and distribution centres, Addverb offers a wide range of tuggers.

Zippy is very fast-moving robot that perform SKU level sorting operation by reading the bar codes printed on the operational area. Perfect vision system of zippy facilitates fast bar code reading & the intelligent sortation. Fleet management system manages an army of robots in coordination with one another and can perform up to 20000 picks/hour. Fleet management system is an extremely flexible system that facilitates addition or removal of zippy depending on the volume of the work. With a stop precision of less than 10mm, these robots use laser ranging for obstacle detection & avoidance. Zippy pick up the SKUs/Parcels and drive them towards the picking stations and drop them in depositing them into underground chutes, from where the parcel will go to picking station.

AddMove is the indoor GPS system that allows the real-time tracking of the movements of MHEs (Material Handling Equipments) for any warehouse configuration. It provides all the necessary information about your MHEs namely their movements, paths and routes taken, performance analysis. With advanced analytics, AddMove helps you rationalize the number of MHEs and optimize their usage to increase your operational efficiency, warehouse safety and cut costs. AddMove uses Ultra-Wide Band technology that provides accuracy of tracking up to 5 cm.


Increased Productivity

Continuous loading & unloading gives high no. of increase in cycles/hour in inventory function eliminating errors

Save Time

With no need of operator inside the storage lanes, Dynamo permits rapid execution of fetching and picking operations

Fully Automatic

Auto-localizes its position & executes the pre-defined mission without any human intervention

Improved Accuracy

Increases accuracy levels to 99.99% + ensuring safety of operations & increased ergonomics

Easy Implementation

Minimal modifications are required to existing operating area with no additional fixed structures

Space Utilization

Requires limited area for travel unlike forklifts & fixed conveyors








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