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Addverb Tech provides Industry and Warehouse Automation Solutions, Robotics Solutions, Design Consulting and Manufacturing Consulting. We do turnkey projects for Material Handling Systems including Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS), Automated Material Handling Solutions and provide solutions to leverage technologies within your supply chain to tap full potential.

We strive to improve your operations on sustainable basis that provide you competitive advantage by strengthening your entire supply chain. Our deep technical insight and rugged process provide your supply chain a new dimension

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Process Automation

We provide Industrial Engineering and Design Consultation for material handling systems. Modular and flexible designs of equipment make designs more customized. ROI is achieved in short span through the best equipment, design, installation, and support

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Factory Automation

We are systems provider of turnkey Factory automation solution. Our solutions ranges, from small material handling applications to complex automation centers. We offer solutions in consulting and planning as well as on sales of innovative factory automation solutions with the responding logistics hardware.

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WareHouse Automation

We provide state of art warehouse automation solutions which includes conveyers, sorters, AGVs and fully automated ASRS warehouses. We have expertise in setting up end to end warehouses and also increasing the throughput of existing warehouses with the help of latest technologies

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